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What do we have in heaven
for the world traveller soul?

A warm greeting by generous guest master
Gary in a restored Victorian house.
118 Spadina Road is the number
for this central downtown jewel.
For hospitality is the hearts golden vein
and here it is never just plain.
Where friendliness and conversation abound.
You don’t simply pay, check in an out,
but are part of the micro-cultural scene.

Each day a people surprise awaits.
One day it is a Russian immigrant
working at a sleep centre.
A painter, poet, or musician may be checking in.
Another a mathematician at U of T conference,
A German family touring Canada,
or Japanese woman here to study English.
There is global music here
in the smiles and natural sharing
of stories on life’s multi-cultural roads.
Before we embark onto city streets
where indifference is the norm.
And in the end after many a journey,
bags unpacked, and we are re-settled.
Stories will be the universal currency of value.
Havinn Guest House our unlimited star rated
traveller’s heaven, always ever near and dear.

David C. Brydges